Monday, March 31, 2008

DARPA's robot mule

I can’t decide whether or not this is the coolest thing I have ever seen or the creepiest. Probably both. This robot reminds me of a mini-me version of Star Wars’ AT-AT and has hyper-responsive hydraulic joints controlled by a hundred sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes that allow it to walk, climb and maintain its balance on diverse terrain, recover its balance after slipping on ice or receiving a kick to the side! Just watch the video and be amazed. You have to watch the whole thing. I’ve seen it 4 times and my mouth is still on the floor. Read the full story on

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Welcome and Hello

So Brandi has had this crazy idea of setting up a family blog for some time now. At first I dismissed it as some bland attempt at conformism. Not so. While I despise any resemblance of trend chasing, I actually recognize the value a family blog will have in keeping in touch with friends and family. Actually, from our perspective it’s the other way around isn’t it? Either way, those we care about now have complimentary nose-bleed seats to the vaudeville that will portray our eroding sanity as we struggle for survival here in the arctic tundra of Ograf.

Hold the phone. Why should Brandi have all the fun? The most common law in this universe is that every action must have an equal and opposite reaction. If the world is to be exposed to the adorable and sweet disposition embodied in Brandi’s thoughts, how can I deny what that universal law demands? So, as you surmised when you clicked on the link to get here, this is my blog. Not the “anti-Brandi” blog (as entertaining as that might sound), but more of a yin to her yang.

It is here that I will dump the incoherent subconscious ramblings that cloud my daily thoughts. And if you so choose to visit again (not likely, I know), you will witness my attempts to both unravel and quantify the many mysteries of life. More frequent than Paul’s blog postings, and certainly not as long in tooth as Taylor’s, my goal is for you to leave my blog feeling dumber than before you visited.

So as you read, consider this to be the first of many dissertations yet to come. You might find some of what I say to be ideological, even inspiring at times – all the while completely unaware that my true strategy is in fact to slowly and methodically wear down your cerebral defenses with the endless scrolling of mind-numbing and monotonous discourse, leaving you vulnerable to the inevitable intellectual revolution growing inside each of us. And if any of you take even half of what I say as serious as you should, you deserve everything you get from even being here. Welcome to Randy’s Rantings.